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reddo- language learning videogame

though some of your guys might be interested in seeing this. sounds like a really interesting, fun idea for learning a language if it can get off the ground. edit- just want to point out i am not part of the company in anyway, just thought it looked kinda cool so i wanted to share.

"Reddo is a game designed to teach you a language by immersing you in a 3D world in the form of a sandbox RPG."

more information here: about the beta.


4 years ago



This sounds awesome! I'm excited to try it out!

4 years ago

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Looks to have tons of potential! Anytime you can add some fun and creativity to language learning it's a good thing! Hope that the developers can get the funding to get the beta off the ground. May encourage others to think outside the box when it comes to developing language learning programs. Globalization is driving the need for multilingual employees.

Look at how successful Duo is! Why? It's fun, it's different, it's effective and it's developers listen to their users, unique in the world of software development:) One thing I learned as a software development project manager for many years is that it's all about the clients. It's not my software...it's their software.

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Another idea for language learning gamers: try changing the system language on your console to the language you are learning. Many games have alternative language packs built in. For instance, when I switch the system language on my PS3 to Spanish, I can play the standard American edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in Spanish.

4 years ago

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I was thinking about trying that eventually with games. How difficult do you find it?

4 years ago