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  5. "Bu altın saat çok pahalı."

"Bu altın saat çok pahalı."

Translation:This golden watch is very expensive.

August 4, 2015



Why is it not altın saati? Is altın also an adjective?


When we say what material something is made of, we usually don't use the possessive construction: altın saat "golden watch", demir köprü "iron bridge", tahta kapı "wooden door", etc.


Exactly. It is both an adjective and a noun :)


Do Americans say "golden watch"? It sounds quite old fashioned and slightly strange to me. I don't know that I would ever use "golden" nowadays.


It varies from place to place within the US. :)


I am learning so much about American English!


Nope. Just golden arches.


One would normally say ' a gold watch or a silver watch'. Golden sounds very archaic


Golden would mean, at least in my part of the world, a color or paint or something like this. Whike a gold watch would mean a watch made of gold, not just colored golden. I wonder how you would say solid gold in turkish?


shouldn't it be 'gold watch'? I am here to learn Turkish but sometimes your English drives me crazy!!


Altın remembers me the beggining of the kazakhstani himn!


How is it @Brunno


"Bu altın saat çok pahalı." Translation: This golden watch is very expensive.


This gold watch is very expensive. - Correct.

Altın - Gold & altınlı - Golden.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm.

Sezen Aksu - Aşktan Ne Haber.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm. Açtım kapılarımı gir içeri. Gör parklarımı bahçelerimi. Anla ben büyük harflerden ürktüm.

If you are curious "Sezen" is singing about a false surface veneer on life.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm. - I have removed the glossy Gold plating to reveal the real me.


you don't say 'golden watch' - it's a 'gold watch' - gold earrings, gold taps on the bath - you name it! However you could poetically say 'my baby has golden hair'

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