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  5. "Bu altın saat çok pahalı."

"Bu altın saat çok pahalı."

Translation:This golden watch is very expensive.

August 4, 2015



Why is it not altın saati? Is altın also an adjective?


Exactly. It is both an adjective and a noun :)


When we say what material something is made of, we usually don't use the possessive construction: altın saat "golden watch", demir köprü "iron bridge", tahta kapı "wooden door", etc.


Do Americans say "golden watch"? It sounds quite old fashioned and slightly strange to me. I don't know that I would ever use "golden" nowadays.


Nope. Just golden arches.


It varies from place to place within the US. :)


I am learning so much about American English!


One would normally say ' a gold watch or a silver watch'. Golden sounds very archaic


Golden would mean, at least in my part of the world, a color or paint or something like this. Whike a gold watch would mean a watch made of gold, not just colored golden. I wonder how you would say solid gold in turkish?


Altın remembers me the beggining of the kazakhstani himn!


How is it @Brunno


"Bu altın saat çok pahalı." Translation: This golden watch is very expensive.


This gold watch is very expensive. - Correct.

Altın - Gold & altınlı - Golden.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm.

Sezen Aksu - Aşktan Ne Haber.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm. Açtım kapılarımı gir içeri. Gör parklarımı bahçelerimi. Anla ben büyük harflerden ürktüm.

If you are curious "Sezen" is singing about a false surface veneer on life.

Bak yaldızlarımı döktüm. - I have removed the glossy Gold plating to reveal the real me.

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