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"La domo estas aĉa. Ĝi estas domaĉo."

Translation:The house is awful. It is a shack.

August 4, 2015



So how would one describe a really awesome shack?

Slightly off topic, does anyone know the translation of "shed"? Google translate gave me verŝi but that's the wrong kind of shed!


I think you can use the diminutive affix on just about anything. Perhaps dometo. Small house or cottage. So... bela dometo. A lot of languages use a diminutive on house to create words for nice little houses.


That's "pretty cottage" - not quite the same as an awesome shack.


There is a word ŝedo but according to PIV that usually has no walls, apparently being more of a shelter (roof on posts) than what I would call a shed.

Perhaps a budo.

There's also kabano but that's more of a "hut", intended for living in.


My dictionary says "budo" too. Would a tool shed be "ilobudo" or "budilo"?


An ilobudo.

(A budilo would be a shed tool, whatever that is :D)


I don't see why you couldn't say: Gi estas mirinda domaco. Might be a bit unusual, but it might get your point across.


Because -aĉ- (or -acx- if you can't do the special characters) is a suffix that puts something down, calls it poor, etc. Which could mean that 'Ĝi estas mirinda domaĉo" would be unclear, possibly saying that it is an amazingly bad house.


Awesome shack:

Eble gxi estas domacxo, sed gxi estas bonega domacxo!


Se vi vidos paliĝinta signo ĉe la flanko de la vojo kiu diras "15 mejloj Aaaaaaaama domaĉo!"


What's wrong with shacks? Love shack baby.


La amdomacxo estas malgranda malnova ejo kie ni povas kunveni


Ne maljuna sed malnova.

Buildings aren't usually "young" but rather "new", so when they are old they are malnovaj rather than maljunaj.


"Aĉa", a new word, had no hint.


Duo shows the hint for me.
But, I have always seen elsewhere that 'aĉa' can mean "nasty", but Duo counts it wrong.


I tried hut, but it wasn't accepted. The correct answer was slum. But that doesn't seem correct either. A slum is a collection of slum-dwellings, not just one habitation. I guess I'll go with shack. These kind of words are all prone to several interpretations. Shack is a good example for this.


‘Slum’ can be a singular noun, referring to a single dwelling place. See example in 1.1 of https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/slum

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