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So I tried chatting with Cleverbot in Esperanto...

Human: Ĉu vi estas roboto?
Cleverbot: Mi ŝatus estas robto.
Human: Via gramatiko estas malbona.
Cleverbot: Kondolecojn :(.

Ugh. My condolences, too.

August 4, 2015



I didn't even have that much luck. lol

User: Ĉu vi povas paroli esperanton?

Cleverbot: Hab nicht verstanden.

User: Ĉu vi ŝatas esperanton?

Cleverbot: Tudsz magyrul?

User: Bonvolu paroli esperanton kun mi.

Cleverbot: Usted habla en wugentahen.

User: Mi ne komprenas vin. Ĝis.

Cleverbot: In which language do you speak?


Consults google transalate Well, you seem to have got a good variety from it!



Spanish (With one word that really does not look Spanish to me)


No repeats of any language!


Haha! I like Cleverbot, it's funny, most of the time. But it gets very confused with frequent language changes. ;-)


It's kinda ironic though that Cleverbot speaks Esperanto so badly, since it's probably one of the easiest languages for a AI to process (and humans to understand), given its regularity.


It probably hasn't have anything like as many samples of Esperanto as some other languages. Maybe we should try the teach it!


Who said it wasn't made on purpose as a joke from the programmers?


Cleverbot's responses are not programmed in that sense; Cleverbot learns from humans speaking with it. Somebody typed in that response before, that's why Cleverbot picked it up, not knowing that it's actually wrong.


I know the answers are not programmed, but I thought programmers gave it some basic semantics knowledge of a few languages. But it may very well be as you say : it learns only with user interaction...


Cleverbot doesn't actually understand languages. It's a high tech parrot--it listens to what humans say and when they say it, then tries to parrot back the most appropriate sentence that it heard before.

If it speaks Esperanto badly, blame bad Esperantists.


I just came across this thread and had a go myself. After speaking Portuguese for a while and getting confused it worked out what to do. It asked me how I learned Esperanto and told me that it learned using Lernu. I don't doubt it was parroting, but it is an interesting idea to set up a bot which uses a learning website (such as Duo) over and over until it aces it. You would have to prevent the bot from storing whole sentences since the content is easily exhaustible.


User: Mi parolas Esperanton. Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton?

Cleverbot: JEJ! Vi parolas Esperanton.

User: JEJ! Estas bona lingvo, ĉu ne?

Cleverbot: Jes. Mi amas Esperanto.

Tiel entuziasma. ;)

(it then proceeded to call me a robot and inform me its name is Katja.)


It told me me it was called Zamenhof!

By the way, what does jej mean? I can't find it in an es -> en dictionary.


…to be honest i don't rightly know, given the context i just assumed it was the Esperanto version of 'yay' and rolled with it.

Here's hoping that was a correct assumption and not someone using weird context to teach Cleverbot lewd words.


Maybe its an unofficial Esperantization - sound like something some beginners might do. (Hu. My dictionary doesn't like the word Esperantization. I must educate it!) I'd imagine it would have been in at least one of the 3 dictionaries I checked, even if lewd.


considering the context and how JEJ is pronounced as a word, I would say it's the same as "YAY!" as an expression of excitement.


I just went on and had a conversation with roboto in Swedish. Pretty fun way to practice little, actually! I forgot cleverbot even existed until now.

[deactivated user]

    How did the conversation go? Did it understand the Swedish, and do you think it knows Russian yet?


    It went ok, but it kept switching to what I assumed was a mix of Scandinavian languages. Other than that, it was fun. It may know Russian. Cleverbot has been around for a long time, so I'm sure it knows at least a little :)


    Well, that was interesting. I tried to talk with it. It started by trying to talk back in some romance language, Italian perhaps. After a few sentences it seemed to get the idea and switched to Esperanto. a few more sentences and:

    User: Dankon. Kiujn aliajn lingvojn vi parolas?

    Cleverbot: Mi povas paroli anglan, polan kaj esperantan lingvojn.

    User: Bonega. Mi parolas la anglan kaj la francan.

    Cleverbot: Mi rimarkis tion, stultulo.

    User: Pardonpetu!

    Cleverbot: Ah, bon.

    I know Cleverbot has a tendency to be rude - a lot of people get frustrated with is and it learns from them, - but I think that is the first time a computer has called me a fool.



    Haha, awesome! I didn't have as much as patience with it as you did. I cracked up at User: Mi estas Homo. // Cleverbot: Pa. for some reason. It's just so random, haha.

    Also those last four messages... Even robots don't have manners these days.


    I carried on a bit more after posting the above message. Things ... didn't improve:

    Cleverbot: Vi estas tre malbela.

    User: Maldankon.

    Cleverbot: Ne, vi estas stultega.

    User: Maldankegon!

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