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Word list for Norwegian ?

I want to make some flashcards on an app and need a word list for the new vocab that is introduced in each lesson. After searching, I have found a few learner-made ones that cover the first 10-12 lessons, does anyone have or know of a complete set?? It would be really helpful. Once I make all the flashcards I can make them available to the community here, as I thank you for helping me find the word list.



August 4, 2015



If you look at each lesson in a skill, it tells you the new words that will be taught. That way, you can see all the words in the Norwegian course and where they are in the tree.


Hi Alec, thanks for the reply. I did try that at the beginning but only being able to copy/paste 5-7 words at a time (and only the Norwegian) when I have hundreds of words to do is very time consuming. If possible, I'd rather spend less time making the cards and more time learning from them.


I see what you mean. There are over 2,500 words in the Norwegian course, I wouldn't like to make a flashcard for each word. I tried before, but it took me an hour to do one skill(Basics 1). You could try Memrise, as some Duolingo users have made courses with the vocab used here.


Someone has put together a set on Memrise ( http://www.memrise.com/course/691524/duolingo-norwegian-2/ ) You could either use these, or if you want to make your own (I know that sometimes making your own helps you learn as well!) you can click on each chapter and it will show you a list of the words.

The creator of this course isn't done with the tree yet, so they aren't all up, but it's the first 45 or so skills, and he's adding more all the time. Hope this helps!

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