"I love kittens!"

Translation:Mi amas katidojn!

August 4, 2015

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I think that the internet agrees with you.

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    Much luckily, there's no mess like aime/adore as in French.


    I think than the verb "love" in this sentence means 'to like something very much'. I think that the verb "love" can be translated as "ŝati" or "ŝategi". I'm not learning esperanto. I'm testing this metode. I think that the answers "Mi ŝatas / ŝategas katidojn" must be accepted.


    I think you've got it backwards. 'Ami' is to love.


    I love kittens too!


    I don't understand when to put -n at the end of words. What signifies whether you put Esperanto or Esperanton. Same with katidoj and katidojn


    the n is accusative. so the object of a verb, when someone is having the verb acted upon it. Like here, the kittens aren't doing the loving, they are being loved. It means you can have the words in other orders and still know the object/subject of the sentence's verb, which is useful for poetry and other wordplay.


    "Mi amas insektoj" needs to be there to mess with people scared of them (that was one of my options.


    It would also mess with the esperanto grammar


    A specific group of kittens, or kittens in general?

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