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Ukrainian listening exercises started appearing!

I was doing my daily Ukrainian lesson today and there it was: A listening exercise! No slow button yet so it is quite tricky, especially because you have to type in Cyrillic! I do like the challenge though.

August 4, 2015



I got them for the first time today too. They are tricky but very very valuable. I really felt the lack of them the first time through the course. I really need them to get a good grip on spelling as well as on the sound of the words. I'm sure that is why I have forgotten so much since I finished it. It certainly feels as though I should earn more than 3 or 4 points for each repeated lesson. Hopefully with a better grasp of the sound of each word I will now retain them better.


Yeah, they will really help me with getting a grip on writing in cyrillic. You really have to think about which letter sounds like what.


Excellent!!! (=θωθ=)


I got them too but I'm sure they had a few basic ones at the start of the course, and they've added them all in now

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