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" Nua-Eabhrac in oirthear na Stát Aontaithe."

Translation:New York is in the east of the United States.

August 4, 2015



Is there a reason this can't be more colloquially translated as "New York is in the eastern US"? I don't think I've ever heard a native speaker say that a place was in the east of a country.


You'll definitely hear people say that Galway is in the west of Ireland!

[deactivated user]

    Why is this translated as "Stát" and not "Stáit"? This is the first time that I've seen "Stát" used in reference to the USA, so I'm a little baffled.

    Is it because "New York" is one state, and therefore that requires the singular form of "state" in "United States"?

    If the sentence was, say, "New York and Boston are in the east of the United States", would "United States" then be translated as "Stáit"again ?


    Since New York is in the east of the US, the "US" is put into the genitive case. Both the singular nominative and the genitive plural of stát are stát, which is definitely confusing.

    • stát = state
    • stáit = states
    • na Stáit Aontaithe = the United States
    • na Stát Aontaithe = of the United States

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks very much for clarifying that!


      Tá failte romhat :)

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