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  5. "Jag är tröttare än du."

"Jag är tröttare än du."

Translation:I am more tired than you.

August 4, 2015



Would "Jag är tröttare än dig." also work? My Swedish girlfriend says it should be dig but I assume more are acceptable/equivalent?


Both work and they’re probably equally common. Usually ”än du” is the formal written variant, and ”än dig” is the spoken colloquial variant. We accept both.


In English I would say 'tireder' though I admit it might not officially be a word!


I'm having difficulty finding an authoritative source about tireder versus more tired; which might just mean very few grammaticians have written about it, or my search-fu is broken. Answers.com says it is "commonly used in British English", but "has "fallen out of common use in American English": http://www.answers.com/mobile/Q/Is_tireder_a_word

Wiktionary lists it alongside more tired: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tired

From personal experience, I know it certainly gets said and written (for example, in major newspapers) in Britain: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Atheguardian.com+tireder
For a specfic example, it's in this article: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/oct/31/afternoons-lying-cheating-morning-honest-harvard-study

So don't dismiss it yet. :-)


Nice, it sounds good but looks strange when written. If the Guardian uses then I won't be arguing, it's the only decent newspaper in the UK! :)


It is perfectly correct. There are many words that can be used with either "-er" or "more".


Now now children, it's not a contest...


more likely two spouses discussing the need to empty the dishwasher!


I need help! When do I use "som" and when "än"? Jag är tröttare som(???) du.


som for comparison is used together with lika or (there might be some other word that works too that I can't think of right now).
lika trött som = 'as tired as' (not än)
än in comparisons is used with adjectives in the comparative form:
tröttare än jag 'more tired than me' (not som)


Tireder is still not accepted as of 2017-12-29.


Thumbs up for tireder. It is a commonly used word in British or Australian English.


im aussie and ive never heard that before in my life


Det låter som rösten säger, "tröttar än". Är det hur man skulle säga det i vergligheten?

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