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Addition of audio exercises is making this tree a whole lot more challenging!

I am one exercise away from completing the tree, but I thought I'd try to go back and make all previous skills gold before taking that one last step. [As suggested by another user in a different post.] After all, in my view, the aim of all this effort is attaining some level of proficiency, rather than just collecting another virtual golden owl.

"You know nothing Jon Snow" [Game of Thrones], really applies to me here, as I do indeed feel that I know nothing, jimnice. The fact that this is a course in Beta, continually evolving, is becoming quite evident . The addition of audio recognition exercises that were not in place several weeks ago, has made exercises which I had previously found easy, considerably more difficult.

Just want to say that if you are deep into the tree, it pays to go back and see if you really know what you think you know. You may be surprised, Duolingo in beta is tricky!

August 4, 2015



I like the (new) listen and write what you hear thing. I just wish I could hear the difference between his 'o' and his 'u'.


It reminds me of Eddy Izzard and the soft spoken Latin speakers...


[deactivated user]

    That was a very funny video, but I don't think the guy in the lessons sounds like that. I am able to understand him perfectly fine.



    They are somewhat more difficult than they were a while ago.

    But there is good training value there. And I like it!


    Actually I think they are easier than the translation problems, - but that's probably just because my English is terrible bad.


    More challenging - Yep. But a good sort of challenging :)

    What are you quoting the John Snow thing from?


    The Game of Thrones quote "You know nothing Jon Snow" described exactly how i felt after the introduction of audio ... you know nothing jimnice.


    I always try to keep all my skills gold as I go through any Duo course. It is great practice to go back to old lessons, and I often find that I have forgotten some words. This helps keep all the old vocabulary fresh in my mind. Also before I start a new skill, I do a general "Strengthen Skills" run through, just as an added practice!

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