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"Und jeder Charakter singt dieses Lied."

Translation:And each character is singing this song.

August 4, 2015



Is "Charakter" only a personality or character, or could it be also a character from a movie (or even foreign characters, like chinese)?


A character from a movie is „Figur“.


Couldn't it be "every character is singing this song"?


Yes, I have only written additional an "And" at the beginning of the sentence. Ein komischer Satz ist es dennoch. Wer sagt Charakter zu einem Nicht-Schauspieler?


Das Wort "Charakter" passt in diesem Zusammenhang überhaupt nicht. In this context the word "Charakter" doesn't fit.


01-11-19 (01-Nov-19): Enunciator pronounced "Lied" as "lid." If I remember correctly, "ie" is a long vowel and should be pronounced the way we say "lead" as in "leader."


You know, as in quite a few of these suggested translations, I'm going to say that "And each character is singing this song" is another example of German English. Yes, I can imagine a scene where there is a conga line of characters singing a song in unison but a much moore common scenario as I see it would be a director expopunding on how a scene should be played "and each character sings this song". Any contrary ideas?

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