"Is there doubt about how experienced he is?"

Translation:Ĉu estas dubo pri kiel sperta li estas?

August 4, 2015

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Duo rejected my translation "Ĉu estas dubo pri kiom sperta li estas", insisting on "kiel" instead. Shouldn't "kiom" be just as applicable in this case? In English "how experienced" is more likely to refer to the amount of experience than the manner of experience.


My attempt was "ĉu estas dubo pri kiom da sperto li havas?" which wasn't accepted either.


It has been two years since your comment, but I also used "kiom" and got marked wrong. I agree that the amount of experience is what is being referred to by the English sentence.


Note that in this course, the Esperanto sentences are primary and the English is just translation. It probably doesn't pay to speculate too hard on alternate backward translations into Esperanto.

That said, the task here (in the exercise implied by the sentence pair in the OP at the top of this thread) is to translate the expression "how experienced." Kiel is the correct word here. Think about possible answers to the question "how experienced?"

  • very experienced - tre sperta.
  • somewhat experienced - iom sperta.
  • slightly experienced - iomete sperta.

Very, somewhat, slightly, tre, iom, and iomete are all adverbs of degree, not quantity -- so we use kiel. Zubiz is the only one in this thread who proposed an actual sentence for consideration:

  • "ĉu estas dubo pri kiom da sperto li havas?"

I agree that this is a valid sentence in Esperanto - but it means something different: Is there a doubt about how much experience he has.


Here are the links to this thread, and to the reverse thread in case anybody would like to see more discussion about this sentence.




And here I am, wondering the same thing. Maybe I will try asking on the Facebook group.


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Actually, it’s Robin, his wife. I use his Facebook sometimes, to confuse the bots. Fred said I was wrong, but couldn’t give me a good explanation why.

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