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  5. "I am afraid of my enemies."

"I am afraid of my enemies."

Translation:Düşmanlarımdan korkuyorum.

August 5, 2015



Why is "-dan" at the end of "düşmanlarımdan"?


THe verb korkmak is one of the handful of verbs that takes objects in the ablative. Some other examples are hoşlanmak and nefret etmek.


Got it wrong, but the correct answer looked to me exactly the same as mine: düşmanımlardan vs düşmanlarımdan

Took me some 10 seconds staring to find the difference :D

Is there some simple rule to remember which suffix comes after which?


A simple rule really would be fine, I also would it appreciate. :)

düşman: noun sing.
düşmanlar: noun pl.
düşmanlarım: possessive pronoun + noun düşmanlarımdan: -dan for verb-suffix

Perhaps if you look one after the other it will be a little bit more understandable.


I don't know of a "simple" rule, but the order that I follow for suffixing nouns is:
-Plural -Possessive -Case -Tense/Copula -Personal

[ki is a tough one, because it serves different functions - it could come before a plural, could come after a genitive/locative, or both.]

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