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"Jag är inte hungrig. Jag är däremot törstig."

Translation:I am not hungry. However, I am thirsty.

August 5, 2015



After learning swedish for a year and resetting this course 3 times i only just realised... swedish has no commas


We have them, we just use them less. The modern principle for commas is to put them where they're needed for clarity, not according to some grammatical rules.

[deactivated user]

    Yay! Common sense trumps (not our president-elect) rules!!


    'But I am thirsty' would be a more natural way of saying this in English - why isn't it accepted?


    Could this translate to "... rather, I am thirsty?"


    I would say that it can in some cases, but not all.


    Why is it that in the "translate this" version of the question, the voice actor is all of a sudden pronouncing the "g" in "Jag" and "Hungrig" and "Törstig"? But when I tap the individual words they drop the "g"?


    The computer voice isn't totally reliable. In normal speech, we usually drop the g in those three words, but it isn't wrong to pronounce it either. It depends a little bit on how fast or clearly we're speaking.


    "I am not hungry. I am, though, thirsty." is not accepted. In this context "however" and "though" are completely interchangeable in English.

    [deactivated user]

      I have checked several websites for the meaning of 'däremot' and it appears that it has a stronger sense of contrariness than 'though' conveys. I am not a native speaker of Swedish so will bow to someone with a more authoritative understanding of the subtle nuances of the language.


      Thank you for your assistance.


      Have anyone used Glossika?


      Although was not accepted. Is there a significant difference with however? How would one say although then?


      Please see the comment directly above yours. :)


      Scrolling over "däremot" to hear the pronunciation is quite something here.

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