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  5. "Aux mois d'avril et de mai"

"Aux mois d'avril et de mai"

Translation:In the months of April and May

December 31, 2012



I was missing the principle that when you want to say "in the month of XXXX" you use "au mois de XXXX". It follows then to use Aux when multiple months involved. I found that on this page: http://www.frenchlearner.com/vocabulary/months-of-the-year/

Here is the quote from the page: If you want to say “In + a month” in French the grammatical construction is “Au mois de _.” in the blank you fill in the month. The literal translation for this radical structure is “In the month of __”. for example, if you want to say “I was born in January” you would say, “Je suis né(e)au mois de janvier.


Can you then say "je suis né au janvier?"


I can't swear to it, but this seems to imply that the whole phrase of "au mois de" is necessary. It does seem rather cumbersome, but that's French.


Mars venteux et avril pluvieux font mai gai et gracieux. - Proverbe Français


I notice the given translation is "In April and May" and not "In the months of April and May." Is it incorrect to leave out the "mois de" part in the French here?


Duo accepted "In the months of April and May".


Why is it "de", and not "de la" or "du"?


I could be wrong but it seems like "le mois d'avril" does not require another article in the same say that "une tasse de thé" does not require another article. Try this link for explanations using "de": http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/preposition_de.htm


1- How do you distiniguish(listening) between Au or Aux?

2- Mois is mois in plural and singular?


1: You can't. 2: yes, as far as I can tell.

Conclusion: you have to take from the context (two months are enumerated) whether it's "au mois" or "aux mois"


There's no distinct difference. You have to take the context of the sentence to determine whether to use the singular "au" or plural "aux". In this case you use "Aux" because you're talking about more than one month.

Mois is both singular and plural If I'm correct


Is "En d'avril et de mai" could possibly a alternate sentence for this having same meaning??


same question, both à and en have the meaning of 'a periode between two times'


You can say "en avril et en mai" or "aux mois d'avril et de mai" but not "en d'avril et de mai".


Can someone please explain "au" vs "aux" to me.


au = "à le", aux = "à les" The first is the contraction used for singular, the second for plural.


Thank you lilygilder. What about "à la" singular and plural...?


The singular "à la" always remains as two words. There's no contraction. In the plural, "la" becomes "les," and "à + les" is contracted to "aux," the same as for masculine plurals.


wow, that's super helpful. Thank you!


Is 'During the months of April and May' also acceptable?


I guess that would be "pendant les mois d'avril et de mai", not "aux mois..."


Yes, but that is what 'in' means in this phrase. You can't literally be 'in' a month like you can be 'in' a house.


You can't be "in" a month like "in" a house, but you still use "in" for months in English, don't you? And I think you don't always replace it with "during". I was born in September, not during September, for example. Here without context you can't say if "during" is a reasonable replacement of "in", but anyway, the fact is that there is a separate word for "during" in French, and it is not used in this sentence.


Yes, good points.


I wrote "In the months from april to may" how do i know that from is wrong here?


"et" means "and"


That would be probably "d'avril à mai". Here it is clearly "and", not "to".

[deactivated user]

    d'avril jusqu'à mai


    there is nothing that suggest until, or during in this sentence. Presumably something happens, at some point, in each of these months - that's all that can be surmised.


    "In the months of April and May" REALLY should be accepted, now i have to start over at the second to last exercise! Aaargh Duolingo!


    It now accepts 'In the months of April and May'


    I had "In the month of April and of May" rejected (I was told it should be "months") which I think is wrong. It's on the borderline between "In the months of April and May" (definitely plural) and "In the month of April and in the month of May" (definitely singular). I think if you repeat the "of" singular should be okay (basically read like inline dot-points).

    Maybe it's just my rotten English.


    No, sorry. "In the month of April and of May" is incorrect.

    I'm tired, and can't think of the correct grammatical construction, but in simple terms, in this example, you can't split a single noun between two separate nouns.

    Take this as another example:

    David and Sue each have a car.

    In the car of David and of Sue. (Incorrect because they aren't sharing the one car).

    In the car of David and Sue. (same reason as above).

    In the cars of David and Sue. (Tells us there is more than one car)

    In the car of David and in the car of Sue. (Points out that we are talking about two cars, each owned by different people).

    So......... if you are talking about two things, you treat them as a plural ("In the months etc.") or if you wish to talk about them individually, you describe them as two separate things (In the month of April and in the month of May).


    Guess Avril Lavigne is April Lavigne in English.


    Why isn't during the months of April and may acceptable?


    Because that would shift the meaning. "During" implies something that takes place over all or most of that two-month period - "We always take our vacation during the months of April and May." "In" is much less about duration - "All four of my sisters' birthdays are in the months of April and May."


    Why is It a obligation to put: d´avril ; de mai ; etc. Could I just write : "Aux mois d´avril et mai" or " Aux mois des avril et mai" Is It possible?


    In grammar, sometimes there is no answer to "why?" It just is. You do need the "de" before each individual item in French and you can't combine them into a plural at the beginning of the list (although that is an ingenious suggestion).


    in April and May too free?


    What about "en avril et mai"...?


    Why would Duo have rejected, "In the months of April and of May"? Granted, it's slightly cumbersome in English to use "of" twice, but it clearly appears in the original French sentence.


    Why is "In the months of April and of May" wrong?

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