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"I like flowers, for example roses."

Translation:Mi ŝatas florojn, ekzemple rozojn.

August 5, 2015



Are the roses the direct object here? or is rozojn accusative for some esoteric reason?


Not entirely certain how to explain this, but rozojn is more a continuation, or a part, of the object. Someone else may have to give you the linguistic reasoning; to my inadequate understanding ekzemple, kaze and similar terms and phrases are ways of saying "the next word(s) is/are part of the collective preceding."

Mi serĉas metalojn, tiukaze oron kaj arĝenton.

I do hope that this helps


Yes. It does. It's one of those situations where one knows exactly what it means, but not why.


Se oni estas muŝo, oni ŝatas "rafflesia."

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