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  5. "Senti come ride!"

"Senti come ride!"

Translation:Hear how he laughs!

August 5, 2015



This one is just weird


You are right, although I'm not sure if translated in English it actually has the same meaning it has in Italian. I think it is kind of idiomatic. It's actually a pretty common way to say something like "Look/Listen! He's laughing a lot!", but it can also have the literal meaning.


Why is "You hear how he laughs" wrong?


It could be "(tu) senti come ride" but since there's an exclamation mark this is 99% imperative. It's a fixed expression: "senti come...!", "guarda come...!" meaning "hear/look how...!". Its meaning is hard to explain in English...


I see your point of view and the imperative is cool here, of course. My point is that I did this excercise during a training with time, so there was not enough time to think twice. I saw the possibility to use "You hear how he laughs" and I don't understand why this was marked wrong since my answer was absolutely correct and appropriate.


I see. Even if it's very unlikely to be used that way, well, that 1% is still valid. "senti" could also be presente indicativo, so Duo should not mark it wrong.


This is a strange sentence. Far more natural to say 'see how he laughs'.


This is cheating! You have to say the first and last words clearly


It sounded like fredei at the end to me


I've noticed that the slow speed replay is often pretty useless for the last word. It often fades to nothing before it is complete. If I'm stuck I replay slow to get the main part of the sentence, then again at normal speed just concentrating on the last word.


Why is it he laughs and not it or she?


In such sentences both "he" and "she" are accepted.


Why not you?


Why not me what? :)


I'm imagining this sentence in I Pagliacci...

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