"Я бачу блискавку!"

Translation:I see a bolt of lightning!

August 5, 2015

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I see a lightning is not accepted. Shouldn't it be accepted?


It shouldn't be accepted. The noun 'lightning' is an uncountable noun. Hence, you cannot use the article 'a' with it.

If you're thinking "But wait, we can count how many times lightning strikes". Yes, if you want to use it in plural form, you say something like "I saw three lightning strikes" instead of "I saw three lightnings".


you can use "the" with lightning in English you just can't use "a"


fyi in Australia we say "did you see the lightning?" or Look at the Lightning" all the time. As often as we'd say "Look! Lightning" Not many people say "Look! A bolt of Lightning." We'd say "Did you see that lightning bolt? " if we used the term at all.


I think I'll never get it right, too -:(


I see lightening is as correct as I see a bolt of lightning. Actually we wouldn't likely say 'a bolt of lightning' but rather simply we'd say: I see 'lightning' or 'a flash of lightning'.


both answers are accepted now.


This isn't idiomatic in English.

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