"Mi havis la honoron prezenti la prezidanton al ŝi."

Translation:I had the honor to present the president to her.

August 5, 2015



When I put in the English sentence into Google Translate, I got the Esperanto version exactly...

I can somewhat accept the "havi honoron" idiom, but at least put a "por" before "prezenti".

August 5, 2015



"I had the honor so that I could present the president to her"?

Remember that por usually indicates a goal. "Mi iras al la urbo por aĉeti fruktojn", I go to town IN ORDER TO buy fruit, for the purpose of buying fruit.

English sometimes uses just "to" for this ("I go to town to buy fruit"), but not every English "to" is an Esperanto "por". Most often, English "to X" is simply an infinitive in Esperanto.

August 5, 2015
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