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"Один студент, два студенти, сім студентів"

Translation:One student, two students, seven students

August 5, 2015



what is the difference between студенти and студентів?


Nominative plural / Genitive plural. When you need a number+noun phrase in Nominative (or Accusative that happens to be the same), the case depends on the last word of the number:

  • один, одна, одне, одни → Nominative singular
  • два/дви, три, чотири → Nominative plural
  • п'ять and bigger → Genitive plural

For example:

  • одне яблуко / двадцять одне яблуко
  • чотири яблука / п'ятдесят два яблука
  • п'ять яблук / одинадцять яблук


So if the students will be more than 4, I have to use "Студентів" instead of "Студенти"?


Yes, almost. It depends on the last word of the numeral. For example, "twenty two" ends in "two", just like in English.


So 22 will be студенти?

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