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  5. "Meine Eltern mögen Kaffee."

"Meine Eltern mögen Kaffee."

Translation:My parents like coffee.

October 21, 2013

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Mögen is like as in you like something. Möchten is you would like something. Ex : Wir mögen Wein(we like wine.)

Wir Wir möchten ein Glas Wein. (We would like a glass of wine.)

I learned this from another app but im sticking to this one.


My parents would like coffee???? oh , and hahaha I just found out that you can click on the wrong answer to fix it!


No, "mögen" only means that they're fond of coffee.


Why not meinen?


Eltern is plural and in the Nominativ.


I'm really bad at this, but it's DIE Eltern. And in the "nominative" cases, not in the Accusative (aka I think, indirect objects?) it's going to lean on the feminine & plural side, which is the "e" ending. The "en" ending is the masculine ending and the accusiative aka "indirect object" side.

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