"Ayer fui al parque con Mary."

Translation:I went to the park with Mary yesterday.

August 5, 2015



I went to the park with Mary yesterday. Both could be correct. Please update your possible correct answer database.

March 13, 2016


I said "I went to the park yesterday with Mary" and it was wrong. :(

July 12, 2016


Could this not be "Yesterday I was at the park with Mary"?

August 5, 2015


In that case, you need to use the past tense of the verb "estar", NOT "ser". And the preposition also changes. E.g. "Ayer estuve en el parque con Mary."

August 5, 2015


Going to the park is something different than being in the park. Then it would rather be ayer estaba en el parque con Mary

August 5, 2015


Ser - to be and Ir-to go both have identical past tense conjugation. So in the case of - Ayer fui al parque con Mary . The 'fui' here is the conjugated past tense for Ir which is ' I went' NOT 'I was'.

December 14, 2016


How do I know that 'fui' means 'I went' and not any of the other pronouns?

March 4, 2016


I don't think you mean "pronouns". But it can't mean "I was" because for this you'd use a form of "estar", not one of "ser".

March 4, 2016


Thanks for replying, biertopf. I've just looked at the conjugation of the verb 'ir' and can see that fui = I went. I'm used to seeing the 'o' ending of verbs for the pronoun 'I' which is why I wasn't able to tell if 'fui' was I went, he/she/it went, we went etc. I really need to get to grips with those verbs!

March 4, 2016


why" yesterday i went to the park with mary" is wrong?

February 13, 2017


maybe because M in mary isn't capitalised

June 1, 2017


haha.you are right.thanks.lingot for you

June 2, 2017



Erin :)

June 5, 2017


"Yesterday I went with Mary to the park" was marked wrong but I can't see the difference with "I went to the park with Mary yesterday." as both are past tense and perfectly correct grammar in English. Should I report this?

October 20, 2017


Yes, I think it should be reported...

December 3, 2017


Yes, report it. both are correct!

December 10, 2017


Why does it have to be yesterday? Couldn't it be "I went to the park with Mary"?

November 15, 2017


Full into has always used Maria as translation for Mary

November 24, 2017


Note that the verbs "ser" and "ir" have the exact same conjugation when in the "Preterite Indicative" tense. Duolingo also accepts this translation: I was at the park with Mary yesterday.

November 25, 2017


This is already done for me. I wonder why they do that sometimes

December 3, 2017


I doossjdnx

March 8, 2018


"I was at the park" marked Wrong what am I missing here Fui =I was or I went

March 2, 2019


This question has been asked 3 years ago by StevenReyn5 and answered by SimoneBa. Please first read the existing comments before asking the same question again.

March 4, 2019


If i put yesterday at the starting of sentence then what's wrong with it.

June 13, 2016


Nothing, i put yesterday at the start, too and it worked fine

October 13, 2017
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