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"Ar mhaith leat bia a ithe liom?"

Translation:Would you like to eat food with me?

August 5, 2015



how about "would you like food to eat with me"


It's a date!


It was his charm, totally


Is there any way to distinguish the imperfect from the conditional in these cases (aside from context)? Couldn't this be read as "Did you use to like to eat food with me" or something?


"Used wrong word" not true!


Just wondering: is there anything besides "food" that is commonly eaten in Irish? Turf? Small children?! Random automobile parts??!!


English speakers in Ireland have been known to eat crow, they sometimes eat their words, they occassionally promise to eat their hats, and they are reputed to eat the head off people who annoy them.

In fairness, Irish speakers don't usually use the verb ith to describe these activities in Irish (except eating the head off somone), but the FGB does include greim ("a bite"), iarann ("iron"), goirt ("fields"), ingne ("fingernails"), méara, ("fingers"), comharsana ("neighbours") and caint ("speech")as objects of the verb ith in its examples.

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