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Georgian lesson: Preverbs

Today we'll talk about preverbs :) Preverbs are specific prefixes that are added only to verbs. There exist many preverbs in Georgian: წა (Ts'a), გან (Gan), გა (Ga), მი (Mi), მო (Mo), მიმო (Mimo), და (Da), ა (A), გადა (Gada), გადმო (Gadmo), გამო (Gamo), შე (She), შემო (Shemo), ჩა (Cha), ჩამო (Chamo), ამო (Amo).

Each of these preverbs gives verb a specific definition. Remember that if you mess up preverbs you will change the verbs' definitions. Let's see the example:

სვლა (Svla)-To walk/to move

წასვლა (Ts'asvla)-to go (წა (Ts'a)-is an old preverb, but it's still used nowadays too)

განსვლა (Gansvla)-to get off (It's a very old verb and not used nowadays anymore, you can only see it in old Georgian literature. გან (Gan), is an old preverb)

გასვლა (Gasvla)-to get out

მისვლა (Misvla)-to arrive

მოსვლა (Mosvla)-to come

მიმოსვლა (Mimosvla)-to walk up and down (მიმო (Mimo) derived from merging მი (Mi) and მო (Mo))

დასვლა (Dasvla)-to come down to something (We usually use this verb only to define that someone came down to lower level)

ასვლა (Asvla)-to go up(stairs) (stairs is in breckets as ასვლა (Asvla) means both to go up and to go upstairs)

გადასვლა (Gadasvla)-to cross/get on the other side (გადა (Gada) derived from merging გა (Ga) and და (Da))

გადმოსვლა (Gadmosvla)-to cross/come on the other side (გადმო (Gadmo) is opposite form of გადა (Gada). When გადა (Gada) means something gets off the subject, გადმო (Gadmo) means something comes towards the subject)

გამოსვლა (Gamosvla)-to come out (გამო (Gamo) derived from merging გა (Ga) and მო (Mo))

შესვლა (Shesvla)-to go in (შე (She) is opposite of გა (Ga). If გა (Ga) means out, შე (She) means in)

შემოსვლა (Shemosvla)-to come in (შემო (Shemo) derived from merging შე (She) and მო (Mo). შემო (Shemo) is opposite of გამო (Gamo))

ჩასვლა (Chasvla)-to go down/arrive by plane (ჩა (Cha) is opposite of ა (A). if ა (A) means up, ჩა (Cha) means down)

ჩამოსვლა (Chamosvla)-to come down/arrive by plane (ჩამო (Chamo) derived from merging ჩა (Cha) and მო (Mo))

ამოსვლა (Amosvla)-to come up (ამო (Amo) is opposite of ჩამო (Chamo). It derived from merging ა (A) and მო (Mo). Remember that ამო (Amo) is a preverb and should be added in front of the verb, ამო (Amo) singly means UFO, so don't mess it xD )

These are Georgian preverbs :) You see what a great difference a preverb makes when added to the verb. Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading :)

Link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

August 5, 2015



are u going to submit the course idea? georgian would be cool to learn


I already applied for the course, and other people did too, I hope they'll add the course soon :)


what is a preverb?


Haha :) it's a special prefix added only to the verb :) It's common for Caucasian languages.

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