"When does it open?"

Translation:Quand ouvre-t-il ?

December 31, 2012



Shouldn't it be "ouvre-t-il"? Without the apostrophe.

March 10, 2015



March 10, 2015


Why isn't it "Quand ouvre-t-il?"?

January 17, 2015


That is also correct.

October 25, 2015


Here "ouvre-t-il" is being used as a question form and "it" is being denoted by "cela".

March 15, 2015


quand ouvre-t-il est accepté

March 26, 2018


In "Quand ouvre-t'-il ?", isn't the apostrophe superfluous/wrong?

September 24, 2015


Why do we need the t in "Quand ouvre-t-il?". I tried "Quand ouvre-il?" and got it wrong. I've seen this t before, but I have no idea when to use it. Duolingo many times really misses more grammatical explanations.

October 24, 2013


When inverting a third person singular subject (il, elle, on) and a verb, a 't' must be placed between the inverted verb and the subject if the verb ends in a vowel. For example: Parle-t-il français? (does he speak French?) But: Écrit-il (does he write?).

January 30, 2014


I should note that I just answered «quand ouvre-t-il», and was suggested the alternative «quand ouvre-il».

December 1, 2014


That is a mistake and it should read, "Quand ouvre-t-il?"

December 2, 2014


So!! why is it not ouvre-t-elle, consistent with ouvre-t-il?? Ce m'agasse!

October 17, 2014


"Elle ouvre quand?" does not be When does she open?, I'm confused.

January 7, 2013


It could be referring to a "boutique", which is feminine. so in that case "elle ouvre quand?" makes sense. If it is refering to a "stade", masculine, then you would use "il ouvre quand?". The other option, "Ca ouvre quand?", is gender neutral

January 10, 2013


Is "à quelle heure est-ce qu'il ouvre ?" acceptable too? I guess I'm saying "At what time/hour...", but surely that should be considered equivalent to a simple "quand"?

January 17, 2013


In some contexts it will be equivalent, but the construct can just as well refer to "grand opening", or "working days", rather than "opening-hours" kind of opening. So you're limiting it a bit. I'd still accept the answer though. (but I'd rather see 'à quelle heure est-ce que ça ouvre?', actually)

August 10, 2013


so! why is it not "ouvre-t-elle" consistent with "ouvre-t-il? Ce m'agasse!

October 17, 2014


C'est à cause de cet « il » impersonnel. Il n'y a pas un sujet dans cette phrase donc elle ne fait pas accord avec rien. Pour clarifier, « cela » est neutre.

October 17, 2014


I didn't learn the word "cela" on Duolingo yet

February 26, 2015


Cela means "That" referring to something that was mentioned earlier, either a noun or even a whole sentence.

February 26, 2015


I was just curious what is the difference between "ouvert" and "ouvre"?

March 27, 2015


Hey there, ouvert(e) is the past participle so the English equivalent is opened. Ouvre is the present tense so it translates to opens or open.

March 27, 2015


Is it okay to also say "Quand cela ouvre?"

December 31, 2012


no, or at least not without changing the meaning. You need to add an interrogative construct: "Quand est-ce que cela ouvre?" "Quand cela ouvre-t-il?" (which is a type of subject-verb inversion like in english interrogations).

"Quand cela ouvre?" corresponds to the English "When it opens?": you can imagine a colloquial context where making it a question works ("when can we get in the store? - When it opens? Duh!"), but the first instinct is to assume it is not a proper question.

August 10, 2013


«Quelles sont les heures d'ouverture?»

December 18, 2013


Why not "est-il?"

February 8, 2014


"Il ouvre quand?" is translated as "When does it open?" also can be "Quand est-ce qu'il ouvre?" or "Quand ouvre-t-il?"

"est-il" means "is it?" You ask why not? Do you mean instead of "...est-ce qu'il..." ? This is a specific construction of French questions that cannot be changed. "Est-ce que" is used in many questions. "What is it?" "Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

Here is a site that explains French questions.: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/questions.htm

February 11, 2014


is cela valid for both genders , what about the plural

November 29, 2014


Cela always refers to something that was mentioned previously. Cela is a neutral pronoun in other words neither feminin nor masculine. It does not agree with plurality either.

November 29, 2014



November 30, 2014


Can you really translate "it" with "elle"?? Doesn't it mean SHE?

April 3, 2015


Yes, "elle" can mean "it" when the thing being talked about is a feminine noun.

May 29, 2017


When do we use 'Quand ouvre-t-il' and when do we use Il ouvre quand?

February 17, 2017

  • quand ouvre-t-il ? is the formal interrogative form
  • quand est-ce qu'il ouvre ? is the standard interrogative form
  • il ouvre quand ? is the informal/in speech interrogative form
November 25, 2017


what's cela

June 4, 2017


Can someone explain the purpose for the "t'" in this phrase?

July 29, 2017


It serves no purpose but to provide a means of eliding ouvre and il.
Think of it as a way of allowing one to speak faster, similar to using the apostrophe ' to make contractions in English.

July 31, 2017


What does "t" mean? Like, why is it here?

November 19, 2017


No particular purpose except to help ease pronunciation when in a sentence

November 19, 2017


What the heck is this 't' thing?

November 25, 2017


In formal questions, where the verb and the subject are inverted, you need to insert and pronounce a dummy "-t-" between hyphens to ease pronunciation.

This happens whenever the verb ends with a vowel (e or a) and the pronoun is "il, elle, on":

  • que mange-t-il ? = what is he eating?
  • quand ouvre-t-elle ? = when does it open?
  • où va-t-on ? = where are we going?
November 25, 2017


"Il ouvre quand ?"- is right.

But why "quand il ouvre ?" is wrong?

December 1, 2017


Can soneone explain why we use the t? Ive seen it a couple of times but neved really understood it.

December 16, 2017


It serves no grammatical function. It is used to help ease speaking especially when a verb which ends with a vowel is followed by il or elle.

December 18, 2017


is "Quand est-ce que il ouvrir?" wrong? Too literal?

December 19, 2017

  • 1689

You did not conjugate the verb "ouvrir". And you did not use the mandatory contraction "qu'il". Other than those two things, your answer was perfect.

December 20, 2017


Anyone Knows numbers? i know numbers in Français (Un / one) (Deux/Two) (Trois/Three) (Quatre/Four) (Cinq/Five) (Six/Six) (Sept/Seven) (Huit/Eight) (Neuf/Nine) (Dix/Ten) (Onze/Eleven)

December 22, 2017


Why the t?

December 23, 2017


When should the "t" be used? In questuons?

March 27, 2018


"quand est ce-qu'il ouvre" i was marked correct, but is it?

April 15, 2018


Why not quand l'ouvre?

September 4, 2018


that "l'" is a contraction of either "le" or "la", which I'm sure you know can be articles ("the"), or the 3rd person singular pronoun for direct objects. For subjects it's "il" or "elle".

Think of the difference in English between he/she and him/her

Your sentence is not grammatical because it doesn't have a subject, as it is.

September 12, 2018


Why not 'quand ouvre ca'

January 12, 2019
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