Translation Request.

Hello, can someone help me translate this sentence: (see link)

My attempt would be something like: "It belongs to the fieldmusic of the prominent turks, it is also used with other fieldinstruments at the (???/ I have no idea what that means, even with using a translator) to Káhira."

As I said it would be grate if someone could give me a proper translation.

Thank you in advance .

3 years ago

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bruiloftsprocessie = wedding procession

It belongs to the field music of the prominent Turks, likewise it is used with other field instruments at the wedding processions in Cairo

This must be from an old book. "voornaame" is spelled with 2 a's. The letter s in veldinstrumenten en processien is not in use anymore. It looks like an "f" but it is a " ſ "( long s) You don't say "Zij" about an instrument. Plural of "processie" is now "processies"

3 years ago

Thank you so much for the translation.

Yes it's from an old book. "Reize naar Arabië en andere omliggende landen" by Carsten Niebuhr, 1776.

3 years ago
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