"Respektu la homojn kiuj volas dormi!"

Translation:Respect the people who want to sleep!

August 5, 2015

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Is there a more Esperant-ish way to say "who want to sleep" in one word, using affixes?


I don't think you can achieve that using affixes. The closest would be "dormemulojn", but that is people who are inclined to sleep, people who tend to sleep, perhaps often drop off in meetings, rather than people who want to sleep right now.

You could probably do it with straight compounding, though, if you want, smushing together dorm- and vol-, rather than using affixes - la dormvolulojn or dormvolantojn, perhaps.


I see. I thought of "dormemuloj" as well, but it did seem kinda off.

So would words like "dormvolulo" be accepted in Esperanto? Not in everyday speech, but let's say as a joke or as a name of some group of people in a book? Or it sounds too cheesy?


Dormvoluloj sounds not bad, would be understood, though it's a bit uncommon to say that. An option would be dormontoj, but that'd imply that these people actually WILL sleep. With or without respect. ;)


Kial la vorto "kiuj" uzatas anstataux "kiujn" ?


Ĉar ĝi estas la subjekto de la dua propozicio - la homoj volas dormi.


"Respektu la homojn, kiuj volas dormi!" - la homoj estas subjekto de "dormi" - "kiuj"

"Respekto la homojn, kiujn vi renkontas!" - "vi" estas subjekto de "renkonti" kaj la homoj estas objekto - "kiujn"


This is what I say at sleepovers..... my friends are a rowdy crowd.


What is the difference between "homoj" and "popolo"?

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