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"Leanfaidh ar aghaidh amárach."

Translation:I will continue on tomorrow.

August 5, 2015



What is the grammatical purpose of aghaidh in this phrase? I can't tell if it's part of ar aghaidh.


It is part of ar aghaidh. lean ar aghaidh is a phrasal verb meaning 'continue'


A more literal meaning of lean ar aghaidh is “continue forward” (lean + ar aghaidh), hence its meaning of “proceed” or “continue on”.


"Continue on" just doesn't really sound right to my ears. Odd, because I wouldn't object to "carry on". It's simply that "continue" seems to contain a built-in sense of onward, ahead, forward, beyond in my head. It's a bit like the Ulster use of whenever in "Whenever (when) I see him, I'll tell him". It always brings me up short.


I tried "I will continue tomorrow" ie without "on" and this was rejected. I have posted a report suggesting that this form, as well as "I will carry on tomorrow", should be accepted. Bhur dtuairimí?


"Leanfaidh mo chroí ar aghaidh."

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