"Ja, unnskyld!"

Translation:Yes, sorry!

August 5, 2015


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    did they actually expect me to know what she just said


    Ha! I listened to it about 20 times just asking myself "what?!" Definitely sounds a bit different than it looks...


    so when s and k come together you pronounce it 'sh'?


    sk, skj and sj are all pronounced sh


    I've heard the word 'skam' pronounced like the English sk however? Is this rule sometimes not correct?


    I believe it depends on the vowel after. I'm not an expert, though.


    You have to have a y after the sk. I think a j will do it, too. Just listen for the odd instances.


    "Yes, apologies!". Why is it wrong?


    Not wrong per se, but they need to make that answer an option to be correct. That's when you use the flag.


    Can somebody please explain the difference between unnskyld and beklager? Thank you in advance!


    From what I learned from a Norwegian class, beklager is for apologies and unnskyld is for excusing oneself from perceived impoliteness. So you say "unnskyld" to get by someone, and "beklager" if you bump into them. I think the translation on this answer should be adjusted for this distinction.


    So it's like unnskyld is like "pardon" in English while beklager is like "sorry".


    unnskyld can be used as sorry too. at least a lot of young/ more modern people use unnskyld for both


    why does all of the j s in norwegian sound like y its so annoying


    Almost every language except English uses the /j/ sound for the letter j (hence why the IPA symbol is j, not y).


    Could somebody explain to me in what circumstances should this phrase be used? I find it difficult to think of an adequate situation except, for example, when acknowledging a mistake I've made. Is that it or I got it wrong?


    Look up at the previous thread in response to txragu23's question. It's a politeness thing. "Unnskyld, I didn't see you there." "Unnskyld, can you repeat that?" etc.


    I do understand that. However, "ja" is what is confusing me. I can think of a situation when I would say "pardon", but I can't think of one when I would say "yes, pardon". Thank you for your answer anyway. :)


    Ah, I see. I hear "ja" stuck onto sentences in norsk quite often but it's not necessarily meant as a literal "yes," nor is it required to use with "unnskyld". You might hear "ja, vær så god" for "please help yourself" but a direct translation of each word wouldn't make sense in English.


    Ooh, I get it now. I'm just getting familiar with Norwegian, so those details can be confusing. Thank you very much. :)


    Why is yes please wrong?

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