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"Jenta spiser guttens smørbrød."

Translation:The girl eats the boy's sandwich.

August 5, 2015



It's highschool all over again!


How do Norwegians know if it's a sandwich or sandwiches if it's the same word? :(


Yup, basically XD I was still a beginner back then though


Why "the boy's sandwiches" and not "boy's sandwiches"?


I think it's because it's "the boy" because it's "gutten", not "gutt". This is without the possessive but it should be the same with/without the possessive.


Because "gutten" means "the boy". Also "boy's sandwiches" wouldn't make grammatical sense. But if you wanted to anyway, "The girl ate boy's sandwiches" would be "Jenta spiser gutts smørbrød."


Why they sometimes use apostrophe before( 's )and sometimes after( s' )Can someone help me with it please? Thanks.


It has to do with the word we're adding s to. Normally, 's is used. But, if the word ends with an s, then the apostrophe comes after - like s'.

Jenna's jacket , Jenna doesn't end with an s = 's

Chris' jacket , Chris ends with an s = s'

It will be the same with other nouns, for example: The boy's ball (one boy) and The boys' ball (several boys)


Now I get it .Thanks a lot.


And to add, that's often how you know whether or not the possessive word is plural. "The boy's" is singular because the apostrophe denotes the end of the root word. Whereas "The boys' " is plural (as an something belong to a group of boys) because the apostrophe denotes the end of the root word, which is "boys".


Is there a way to differentiate between singular "sandwich" and plural "sandwiches" in such sentences?


I might be wrong, but I believe it would be 'Jenta spiser guttens smørbrødene.'

edit: Ok, thanks. I was wrong. See below for correct answer by Deliciae.

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It would still be "Jenta spiser guttenes smørbrød", as the indefinite singular and plural is the same.

However, you could rephrase it as "Jenta spiser smørbrødene til guttene" if you want to remove the ambiguity.


Very hungry girl.


How con Duolingo consider a fault quand it is not giving me the audio?

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