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  5. "Unu murdo estas tro."

"Unu murdo estas tro."

Translation:One murder is too many.

August 5, 2015



"La morto de unu homo estas tragedio, la morto de milionoj estas statistiko." Josif Visarionoviĉ Stalin


Alia citaĵo el ulo kiu malamis Esperanton. Kompreneble, li malŝatis, ke homoj povis komuniki kun aliaj homoj eksterlande.


MdR! (= lol)


I expected murder to be something with mort-. Like maybe mortigeco? Is there another word for murder


mort- is the root for "death, (be) dead".

So mortigi is "to kill" and mortigo would be "an act of killing".

But killing by itself is not murder, that's why murdo is not the same as mortigo.

For example, if your pet hamster crawled onto the train tracks and got run over, then the train mortigis the hamster but it didn't murdi it.


I see. Love the nuances. Thanks!


Recently I saw someone using mortigisto (or something close to that) as "contract killer". Would murdisto be more accurate, then? And even so, how to tell apart a murderer from a contract killer?


That would depend on who or what is being contract killed.

A soldier is, effectually, a "contract killer" for a country or ideology - but calling a soldier a "murderer" is generally not done. But someone who kills for hire (for the mob, or other extra-legal entity) is typically considered, for legal purposes, a murderer - even if, to that killer, it's not seen as being any different than pest removal. He might call himself mortigisto, but the law would still consider him murdisto.

Thanks for the questions which I have to think about a bit.


Thanks for a well-thought answer! It makes total sense!


Lives matter.


Why isn't "tro" followed by "multe?"


The basic meaning of "tro" given in PIV (vortaro.net) is

  • Partikulo, signifanta: «pli ol sufiĉe; pli ol necese; pli ol ĝustamezure»
  • A particle meaning "more than enough, more than necessary, more than the correct measure"

Adding "multe" would not clarify the original sentence and so would be superfluous.


There is a czech movie named Four murders are enough, darling https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kvar_murdoj_sufi%C4%89as,_karulo


Nul murdo estas tro.


Sed kiom da murdoj estas ne tro? Ankaŭe, ĉu "nul" estas vorto, aŭ oni devas uzi "nulo da"?


Nul = zero

I think that Joe D might have used a neni~ word to better make his point.

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