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Although I "refresh" a lesson, it is not credited and it remains 4/5.

although I duly "refresh" lessons and I get 10 points credit, the program is not giving me the credit that that lesson is "refreshed." It seems to be stuck on 4/5. Has something changed or is something wrong?

3 years ago


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If the skill has a lot of words, it may take more than one refresh to make it gold, even if it is at 4/5.

3 years ago

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Exactly; when I do timed practice for reviewing skills, I might go from 3/5 to 5/5 with only 4 correct answers, but I might have to get 20/20 three times to get a skill from 4/5 to 5/5. It depends on how many weak words you have in the skill.

3 years ago


Usually, it takes only one refresh, but there have been a few times where I had to do 3 or 4 refresh lessons. If a second refresh lesson doesn't get you back to gold, one tip is to check your word list and try to figure out which words might be low, then redo those lessons. It is frustrating, I know, but keep going.

3 years ago