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Why to study Ukrainian?

Hello,why to study Ukrainian? Why do you study Ukrainian?

August 5, 2015



I have several friends who are ukrainian. we are all very close and i would to learn what they say sometimes


i'm waiting for it to move out of beta so that i can do it on my mobile. it's easier that way


First Slavic language on duolingo- to my ear it is the most phonetically beautiful!


Because I'm waiting for the Russian course to finish and I already know quite a bit of Polish.


Partly because it was the first Slavic language on Duo... and partly because I come from a region of Canada that has a lot of people of Ukrainian descent. We have some bilingual Ukrainian/English schools, for example, and most everybody (of whatever background) eats Ukrainian foods at least once in a while. I'm even thinking about taking a Ukrainian class at a local church... if I manage to get through the tree!


Because I work in an area where people speak ukrainian and it would be helpful. :)


I actually joined Duolingo for Russian, but when I read the description they wrote for Ukrainian, I was hooked! It's true, by the way. Whether from the placebo effect or not, I find that Ukrainian phonetically "clicks" when you speak it well, like French.


It is Slavic so you can confuse your friends when texting them... it is very hard though, I continue learning it because I've realized that millions of people speak this language... and i like ukraine :). So my advice is... just do it


I like this language, and my family is from the SE Poland, near the border, so my mom sometimes use the mix of Polish and Ukrainian, so she interested me with this language. And I'm Polish so it's the easiest one for me ;)


Because one can? Because why not? Is that not enough of a reason?


Family is from Ukraine :D


Тому що я кохаю українську народну музику!!!


Це хороший привід


I study Ukrainian because I know it and I am Ukrainian, but I know English bad. ))


Waiting for the Russian course and they are very similar so should have a head start when its ready.

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