"Ist diese Bushaltestelle neu?"

Translation:Is this bus stop new?

October 21, 2013



warum ( is tis bus station new?) ist falsch?

October 21, 2013


Because a bus station and a bus stop are not the same.

May 3, 2014


A bus station is a "distribution hub" for buses, and may also be the place where they are kept. A bus stop is any pre-arranged stopping place along the route, usually marked with a sign, and sometimes a shelter.

November 24, 2016


If I was walking down the street and someone asked me where the bus station is, I would infer that they are looking for the nearest bust stop. To me they are perfectly interchangeable.

January 31, 2015


And also incorrect. Just because you would understand the meaning, doesn't mean it was a correct word.

July 10, 2015


it would be better if you could just tell what is the difference

May 2, 2016


Bus stop - a spot where buses stop quickly to let people on and off. Bus station - a station where buses stop for longer periods of time.

In a small to medium sized city there might be hundreds of bus stops and just one bus station.

May 23, 2016


Why don't we use the type "neue" as the noun is feminine?

December 19, 2013


Because "neu" in this case is a predicative adjective and those aren't declined.

Predicative adjectives come after a noun while attributive adjectives come before the noun and they are declined.

It might be easier to understand if we change this question in a statement:

  • Diese Bushaltestelle ist neu. (predicative adjective)
  • Diese neue Bushaltestelle. (attributive adjective)
March 11, 2014


Second question: am I having a brain fart or do adjectives have gender like in Spanish?

February 3, 2014


In German adjectives that come before the noun (attributive adjectives) "have" gender meaning they get inflected not only according to the gender, but also according to the number and the case of the noun they are linked to.

This is a bit difficult part of German grammar especially since there are three types of inflection "weak, strong and mixed" depending on what is preceding the adjective.

This link helped me a lot while I was tackling adjectives. I suggest having it opened in a new tab while you are learning until you get comfortable with them. :)

March 11, 2014


Take a lingot :)

May 3, 2014


"Is that bus stop new" was not accepted coz of the "that", which was perfectly acceptable in all previous lessons!

April 15, 2014


I'm also confused by that. I thought this/that was interchangeable for 'diese'. Can someone please explain?

May 10, 2014


dies can be "this" or "that", but diese/dieser/dieses/diesen is "this".

sakasiru explains in detail here (as dnovinc notes above):


October 31, 2015


How is it possible to save the direct link to a specific comment in a discussion and not just the whole discussion?

June 7, 2017


You don't.

I mean, you could, but it would be incredibly complex and time-consuming, completely not worth the effort, and this is not the appropriate place to go into that discussion/project.

So, you don't.

June 8, 2017


I was just asking because I saw in your comment a link to a comment so I thought it would be possible :)

June 8, 2017


Instructions : 1. Right Click on the comment. 2. Select "Select Element" 3. Find the the comment's ID it should be very close by if you've inspected the comments element. 4. Append the threads original html with #comment (or nested-comment if it is nested)-ID number

Example : Your nested comment has id "nested-comment-22976731" This thread is www.duolingo.com/comment/989291/ Your comment is linked to via www.duolingo.com/comment/989291/#nested-comment-22976731

This works best with Firefox. Screenshot that include all of the information above: http://imgur.com/a/Mf9pW

I accept Lingots and gratitude as payment. ;)

June 11, 2017


That works great if you happen to know the comment id number, but when you're in the middle of a lesson, that is not so simple to find. Suggestions?

June 12, 2017


Ist das Bushaltestelle neu? is also a correct sentence?

March 2, 2014


No, that isn't correct. Since "Bushaltestelle" is a feminine noun it should be: "Ist die Bushaltestelle neu?"

for explanation why "die" can also be sometimes translated as "the", "this" and "that" check sakasiru's comment in this thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1252496 (it may be long but it is really helpful)

March 11, 2014


Thanks a lot.

March 13, 2014


Bushaltestelle - Is this word a combination of Bus, hat, stelle? Please suggest me how to remember this word!

November 3, 2014


Bus-halte-stelle. Literally, "bus-stops-place"

January 7, 2015


Bushaltestelle has the English words 'bus' and 'halt' in it. That's how I remember the meaning.

March 16, 2016


why is "Is this a new bus stop" accepted but "Is this the new bus stop" rejected?

August 18, 2016


can i not put, 'is the bus stop new'?

November 16, 2016


When we see diese[-r/-n/-m/-s], we should use "this" for the English translation.

Here in DuoLingoLand, when die Eule asks us to translate from English to German, we should translate "this" as diese[-r/-n/-m/-s].

In the real world, "this" can be "die/das/den/der/dem/des" auf Deutsch. I don't think, though, that when the German uses diese, that it can be considered "the". If a German sentence uses diese, there is an emphatic intention that should be maintained.

February 10, 2019


I think it's better to say Is this a new bus stop?

February 10, 2019


That gets across the same meaning, but doesn't preserve the one-to-one, word-for-word translation that sometimes works quite nicely between German and English.

February 10, 2019
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