"The flowers that we arranged for Teachers' Day have come."

Translation:Öğretmenler günü için düzenlediğimiz çiçekler geldi.

August 6, 2015

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Why not: çiçekler düzenlediğimiz öğretmenler günü için geldi? In the previous example,(Kiraladigimiz ev cok kucuk) it was pointed out that the modifier MUST come before the noun it modifies., it seems to me "that we arranged" modifies the flowers, not "for teachers' day."


I think that the adjective is "that we arranged for Teachers' Day" -- and it modifies the subject of the sentence: "the flowers." That's why "Öğretmenler günü için düzenlediğimiz" comes before "çiçekler."

It's the same as your other example where "that we rented" is the adjective that modifies "the house," so "kiraladığımız" comes before "ev."


Tamam sen haklısın.


is it wrong to say "düzenlediğimiz çiçekler öğretmenler günü için geldi"?


That would be "The flowers that we arranged have come for Teachers' Day", I think.


You say this is wrong because of a missing s?? Usually not that strict


Is geldiler just simply not coorect with the already-plural çicekler or is it a missing option?

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