"We are glad."

Translation:Tá áthas orainn.

August 6, 2015

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In the lesson, where it shows the english version, it's strange because nowhere does it say, "orainn". Should I report that?


My answer was Taimid athas. The correction was "athasach." Haven't seen that ending before. Can someone explain it, please?


áthas is a noun - as with many such expressions of emotional or physical state, we say that the emotion or experience (a noun) is on us - brón, ocras, tart, etc.

áthasach is an adjective - it is not normally used as a predicative adjective ("I am happy"), but only as an attributive adjective: lá áthásach a bhí ann - "it was a happy/joyful day"


"Táimid sásta" doesn't count?? Cén fáth?


It has more of a meaning of 'we are satisfied' than 'we are happy/glad'.

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