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  5. "Did you like the new song?"

"Did you like the new song?"

Translation:Yeni şarkıyı beğendin mi?

August 6, 2015



"Yeni şarkıyı seviyor musun?" -Why is it unaccepted?



"Yeni şarkıyı seviyor musun?" Do you love the new song?

This combination is correct.


How can one tell when the verb of liking should be translated by the past and when by the present?


In general, if it is in the Turkish past tense, it is in the English present tense. If it is in the Turkish past perfect tense, it is either the English past or the English past perfect :)


What about when one is translating from English? Having seen an earlier comment of yours, I translated "I like" as "sevdim" and was corrected to "seviyorum." Is there some nuance of English tense that is being expressed in Turkish, but which I am missing?


Under most circumstances, you would use "sevdim" unless it is in an idiomatic expression (like seni seviyorum) or it is a very spur of the moment thing that you are saying. Using the past tense makes it seem like that you started to like it right before you said it and not while you're saying it.


It is a really fine difference in meaning as far as I can tell :)


The past tense behaves a bit differently :) You keep the person information on the verb when you add the question particle (unless you start getting into compound past tenses...then things get a bit spicier).

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