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Georgian lesson: Time: Present Indicative

As we saw in one of our our previous posts, Present Indicative is the first tense shown in Georgian screeves and series, it belongs to I Series, Present Subseries. Present Indicative is the simple present tense, it can be mostly the equivalent of present continuous in English, it shows what the subject is doing now, at the moment. It's question is რას შვრება? (Ras shvreba?)-What is he/she/it doing? The answers on this simple question can be posed by simply conjugating the verb in its present tense, with the help of conjugating prefixes and suffixes. To see how these prefixes and suffixes work, visit these links: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9626261 (Subject verbs); https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9639906 (Object verbs);

კეთება (K'eteba)-to do/make (Subject verb) (Present Indicative)

მე ვაკეთებ (Me vak'eteb)-I do/make

შენ აკეთებ (Shen ak'eteb)-You do/make

ის აკეთებს (Is ak'etebs)-He/she/it does/makes

ჩვენ ვაკეთებთ (Chven vak'etebt)-We do/make

თქვენ აკეთებთ (Tqven ak'etebt)-You do/make

ისინი აკეთებენ (Isini ak'eteben)-They do/make

This is Present Indicative tense :) Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading :)

Link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

August 6, 2015



Will you continue making posts like this(about Georgian language)??


Um, no, sorry :( I'm in fact planning to bring Georgian on Duo, but that won't happen very soon, although, you can still expect for it. :)


Ok, thank you... I hope to see Georgian in the incubator soon... Have a good day:)

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