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"Jeg vil finne nyheter lett norsk."

Translation:I want to find news in easy Norwegian.

August 6, 2015



YES! Any sites?


It is a little easier. Open Google Translate in one window and Klar Tale in another window. It is a good way to learn.


I’ve been at this about a year, have found Aftenposten the most accessible, but still spend more time in the dictionary than I would like. Any suggestions for news or other reading material at a beginner or intermediate language level would be most appreciated v


Klar Tale is a good one! :) And if you have instagram and would like some very simple, short news updates, try following @nrksupernytt. I find that one to be very accessible, personally.

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In Instagram in @nrksupernytt wrote forrige brukeren ble hacket


Is there a reason "I want to find news in light norwegian" isn't correct?


Because it makes no sense in English, mate.


Perhaps not in your area, but in the Northern Virginia area USA it does. If I were saying this in a conversation I would actually find saying "light Norwegian" more intuitive than "easy Norwegian."

Possibly it's a regional idiosyncrasy.


From British English, 'light' only would make sense if it meant 'non-serious.' Like light news, basically news which would be devoid of serious topics, no heavy stuff e.t.c.

It could also mean easier in a context of "This was a lighter test than I expected" meaning it was not as heavy question-wise as I originally thought it would be.

So saying 'light Norwegian' does fit under this paradigm, but it is an arguable phrase for sure, because if someone told me that he speaks light Norwegian the first thing that would come to my mind is someone is speaking a dialect of Norwegian which concerns itself with simpler vocabulary.

Henceforth, the phrase 'light' is very rarely used in here to mean 'easy' except in rare circumstances.


That's interesting. So you mean "light" can mean "easy" out there? Whereabouts in VA? (I live in Chicago, and also think it makes no sense! :( (sorry!)


Where in Northern VA? I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of DC and I've never heard this...

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