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  5. "Дружина і чоловік"

"Дружина і чоловік"

Translation:A wife and a husband

August 6, 2015



It's funny how, despite their high mutual intelligibility, there are so many false friends between Polish and Ukrainian. That sentence looks almost like "drużyna i człowiek" (a team and a human).


It could have the same meaning in Ukrainian as well. Husband and wife just happen to be most common uses for those two.


Could the word "жінка" used instead of "дружина" ?


You could. However, Zhinka is woman and Druzhina is Wife. Hence the combo of Woman and Husband wouldn't sound exactly right.

[deactivated user]

    I don't hear the audio on my phone or desktop sometimes, will they be added later?


    She speaks чоловік with a strong Russian accent: [t͡ʃɐlɐˈvik].


    You would not say a wife and a husband the second article is not required you do say a husband and wife

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