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"The cook is standing by the table."

Translation:Kokken står ved bordet.

August 6, 2015



So is it correct to think of "ved siden av" as "by the side of"? Where " ved" is by, "siden" is side and "av" is of?


A few questions could probably be answered with this:

"Ved" = "by" "Siden" = "side" "Av" = "of"

By + side + of = by the side of = next to. If something is by the side of another thing, it is, in fact, next to it. You can't be in front of or behind something and be next to it. Being next to something insinuates being beside the object you are next to. Just an easy way I learned to remember the difference in when to use "ved" and "ved siden av". :)


Why is "Kokken står ved siden av bordet" incorrect?


Slightly different meaning. "Ved siden av" means "next to".


Thank you. It's the same as in Dutch then.

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