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Happy New Year from the Duolingo Team! Thank you all so much for your support. Our resolution is to make Duolingo even better in 2013.

December 31, 2012



You're welcome, just rememmber that android app ;)


Yes! This! Please!


Second that, I use it in the browser a lot but it would be nice to have an app that is easier to use.


Hello Boham, which browser do you use? I have tried chrome and firefox on my Nexus 7, but voice exercises do not work on either of them.


I use Google Chrome and it works fine. Do you do Duolingo on your phone? All I know is that Duolingo works on Google Chrome on a laptop.


Yes, it would be nice to have Duolingo in my android!


No, Duolingo, thank you.


I know Gracias Duolingo.


Thanks for adding Italian just before the end of the year, great way to round off 2012 :)


Yes, thank you for Italian. It is the language i originally signed up to learn.


Duolingo is the kind of innovation the world needs, you have created a system where people help each other to improve themselves in an accessible way - genius. Thanks a billion times!


Is there a possibility of more grammar being incorporated into the training drills in later updates to the site? I also think it would be nice to have a more in depth explanation of certain grammatical differences between English and the languages you offer tutorials for. This site is an excellent starting point to learn the languages you guys offer; the drills that are presented are very interactive and comprehensive. Is there any chance that more languages will added in the future, and if so, would a database or index of vocabulary be expanded upon for each (as well as the grammatical details)?


Agreed! I didn't actually realise there were grammar notes, but I think presenting those grammar notes as 1-3 slides at the start of each lesson would be useful.


Can you insert a warning when you about to leave a lesson (ie to Google something after going into a discussion). I've done it twice in a row (OK, I'm stupid - but it's a Pavlovian reaction) and lost two lessons on question 19.


Happy New Year to you and the rest of the team also.

It still amazes me how fast you fix problems in the Italian beta after we submit them. :D

All the best in 2013!


Happy New Year to you too and thank you, thank you, thank you for making Duolingo.


Une bonne année à tous les "learners", en particulier les courageux qui apprennent le français ! Merci à l'équipe pour ce formidable travail et bon courage pour ce qu'il reste à faire encore pour améliorer l'existant (en particulier l'audio en français).


My sincere thanks for this remarkable, high useful and delightful resource.


Happy new year and thank you for Duolingo


Oh, and I forgot to show off what I've learned: Feliz ano novo!


Thank you - it's fun and a good way to learn! ¡Qué tengas el mejor año nuevo!


Happy new year Duolingo! I look forward to the exciting changes that will surely be happening here this year :)


The column "Forms" in the "Vocabulary" section is not wide enough: some longer words cannot be properly displayed. Please fix this in the new year. Vielen dank!


Happy new year! and I trust the button none of the above will be there soon...Thanks for Duolingo the name of wich should change to Quatro, Qiunto or even Multilingo..


Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year and thank you for a great year. I'm looking forward to the new year. Gracias!


Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your wonderful program. I have learned more here than with any other program I've tried. Have you considered continuing the program with a more advanced version once these modules have been completed? You have helped so many of us who are interested in a second or third language.


Thank you! Something I would love to see would be the ability to see what your friends are learning. I'm using this to learn German and my boyfriend is using it to learn Spanish (which I already speak near-fluently). It would be terrific to be able to see what words/phrases he's learning so that I know what to practice with him.


Happy New Year for everyone! And thank YOU Duolingo Team for creating this excellent website and making it available for free!


Duolingo is great. I've been using it to learn French for maybe three months now. Although, there are two recommendations I'd like to make: It would be nice to have some brief explanations of grammar rules pertaining to skills being learned (preferably in English.) Often, I find myself trawling Google to answer questions I've come up with about French grammar while doing the skills. And the text-to-speech voice is very robotic. Sometimes I type Duolingo phrases in Google's translation service and have it read the phrase to me so I can hear a superior vocalization. Google's speech to text program is much more natural. Other than that, Duolingo is great. I may even use it to learn a third language someday.


Thank you the team! I love your website and happy New Year to you too!


happy new year! love Duolingo!


Thank you for Duolingo! :)


Merci beaucoup. Bonne année et bonne santé!


Gracias Duolingo, y tu también, tu puedes tiene un año bien, Abrazos y Besos, your new member Lani24


Now THIS is finally a cool way to learn language!


Thank you Duolingo Team for all the work. I hope that you will soon improve the Portuguese section.


happy new year ;-)


you have been a great help for the whole family learning to learn new languages . Thank you.

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Bonne année a vous!


et bonne chance avec votre etudes.


Happy new year and thank you! Let me know if you need help with the Japanese-English app in the future.


What a fabulous idea and fun. I was looking for a new project,,,guess I've found it. Happy New Year to you too.


Happy New Year to all of the team and thanks for the great resolution! Do let us know when French as a source language is there ;-)


thank you, Duolingo :) it's been a pleasure


Happy new year, i hope the duolingo for ipad comes soon.


Happy new year duolingo! I hope an android app is on ypur list of things for 2013! :)


thank you for this idea. i tell everyone language savvy person i know to try it.


Happy New Year Duolingo! Thank you so much for this extremely useful program and app, I like it really. I learn English and French with Duolingo, but it would be nice to have German as a source language and an iPad app, but good work and can't wait for new features/ideas ;)


Thank you! I had a good time refreshing my Spanish skills and learning some new vocab. I just mastered all the sections in the Spanish language. Wonering why there is no giant trophy and da-da-DUM! when I master the whole thing!?


I new i should've said this on christmas, but i couldn't get on the computer: Feliz Navidad!


Gracias,Duolingo. I've never learned any other language before.


Merci et felicitations


Thanks for adding Italian guys. And thanks in advance for the android app ;-)


¡Viva Duolingo! Los deseo mucho excito. !Adelante Muchachos!


Hi Luis- I have a concern that I have rarely seen mentioned. Is there any way that timed lessons could be made an option? Timed lessons where you can lose points or have to repeat the entire lesson if you take too much time should be a choice. We are trying to learn a language, and often may need more time. Timed lessons make me think you are trying to make Duolingo like school. Give us some feedback on this issue- timed lessons can be very discouraging and could also cause people to quit Duolingo, when they wouldn't otherwise. Let me know.


Happy Belated New Year!! Could you try to make a Windows 8 App?

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