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Happy New Year from the Duolingo Team! Thank you all so much for your support. Our resolution is to make Duolingo even better in 2013.

December 31, 2012



You're welcome, just rememmber that android app ;)


Yes! This! Please!


Second that, I use it in the browser a lot but it would be nice to have an app that is easier to use.


Yes, it would be nice to have Duolingo in my android!


No, Duolingo, thank you.


I know Gracias Duolingo.


Thanks for adding Italian just before the end of the year, great way to round off 2012 :)


Yes, thank you for Italian. It is the language i originally signed up to learn.


Duolingo is the kind of innovation the world needs, you have created a system where people help each other to improve themselves in an accessible way - genius. Thanks a billion times!


Is there a possibility of more grammar being incorporated into the training drills in later updates to the site? I also think it would be nice to have a more in depth explanation of certain grammatical differences between English and the languages you offer tutorials for. This site is an excellent starting point to learn the languages you guys offer; the drills that are presented are very interactive and comprehensive. Is there any chance that more languages will added in the future, and if so, would a database or index of vocabulary be expanded upon for each (as well as the grammatical details)?


Agreed! I didn't actually realise there were grammar notes, but I think presenting those grammar notes as 1-3 slides at the start of each lesson would be useful.


Can you insert a warning when you about to leave a lesson (ie to Google something after going into a discussion). I've done it twice in a row (OK, I'm stupid - but it's a Pavlovian reaction) and lost two lessons on question 19.

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