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  5. "Does your dog fall often?"

"Does your dog fall often?"

Translation:An dtiteann do mhadra go minic?

August 6, 2015



Odd how many of the alternatives in the Irish version of Duolingo are nonsense sentences - in the French version they're good sentences, and often there are two correct choices, eg between singular and plural person


Perfectly sensible question if your vet is asking about your dog's problems


Sneaky throwing gadhar (hound) in there! I almost missed the grammatical mistake in that sentence, I was so focused on the unusual alternative for madra.

(I was offered An dtiteann do ghadhar raibh minic? in a "Mark All Correct Translations" exercise)


Not that unusual. Used a lot in northern Irish. Probably less insistant on tye domesticated/pet aspect, and more on the utility of the dog for hunting, fighting or keeping guard.


It's unusual on Duolingo, where gadhar isn't part of the regular vocabulary. It's only because it is part of my vocabulary that I recognized it. (GluaisteƔn is a similar word, though it crops up a bit more often than gadhar on the "Mark All Correct" exercises, in my experience).

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