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  5. "Lavora con la famiglia!"

"Lavora con la famiglia!"

Translation:Work with your family!

October 21, 2013



Where does the "your" come in? Based on what I've learned so far, I would have thought this was "work with the family"


Italian tend to leave the possessive pronouns when its either obvious or people usually have one of the object. I guess this time it's the latter one, though I would have thought of the same as you have.


Data anche la forma imperativa e probabile che la Famiglia in questo caso non sia la sua...ma la Nostra... Insomma piĆ¹ che un esortazione ..un consiglio ; )))


thus, another acceptable form would be "Work with our family"??


I mean "la Famiglia" ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Godfather ... It's a joke of words between Famiglia and Cosa Nostra and the "your" of the translation. ; ) Look up, at the first comment : "Lavora con la tua famiglia"="Work with your family!" . Is not necessarily his family, may be the family of another. (Maybe is our family , but here it's not specified)


Exactly what I came here to say. I have definitely been marked wrong anytime I have substituted "your" for "the", and more than just once or twice. Now it's suddenly acceptable?


hai caputo picciotto?? devi lavorare con la familglia!! "Work with the family!"="Lavora con la famiglia!"it is correct . "Lavora con la tua famiglia"="Work with your family!" . Is not necessarily his family, may be the family of another.


Scusasse lessi dopo... baciamo le mani a vossia. :)


Couldn't this also be "He works with the family"? Also, why isn't it colla?


Yes, but apparently they forgot to add it. Please report problems such as this one by using the "Report a problem" button when you encounter them during your lesson/practice. This will help the DL Italian crew improve things as efficiently as possible.


That's what I thought, too. But note the explanation mark at the end of the sentence: it's imperative.


*exclamation mark :)


Ok it's an exercise on imperatives, but couldn't it be an expression of surprise: He works with his family!


you need to add a question mark too: lavora con la famiglia?!


I'm also curious why it isn't colla. It seems to me that con + article has stopped being shortened throughout the later modules, and I'm curious if there's a linguistic justification.


... colla is also a contraction of "con la". Other examples: col (con il), cogli (con gli), coll' (con l'), colle (con le)....


OK Con la = colla but According http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/con_(La_grammatica_italiana)/# it is not longer used.

"col" and "coi" are remaining but they are rare in current speaking


This says "lavorai con..." everytime I play it


Leave the gun. Take the canolli!


Why not "work with family"? Only family can be trusted to be there for you when something goes wrong.


Mickey Blue Eyes: "Forget about it"


who works with the family? In English the word order is subject, verb and object. If the Italian leaves aside the subject, shouldn't the English translation follow the word order? Would any English native speaker please help me?


Shouldn't it be la tua famiglia?


If the pronoun is assumed, wouldn't one assume "his family" since no one else is mentioned. Terrible. Reported.


How would you know that it's your family? It could be another family. Why don't they use the possessive?


There is no indication in the frase about "your family". It says "la famiglia" not "la tua famiglia".


Often, possession is implied by context and omitted. The problem with this format is that there's no context. This sentence appears to be in the imperative. (You can tell by the exclamation point.) Therefore, "your family" would be implied. I know, they shouldn't ding you for it.


I got it right but why can't it be, "he or she works with the family". Lavora is a he/she/it word.


If it were simply a statement, it could be he or she. There's no indication. However, this sentence is in the Imperative. It is a command. One way you can tell the difference in Duo is sentences meant to be Imperative are punctuated with an exclamation point. Why? Dunno, but that's the way it is.


shouldn't it be, "lavora con la tua famiglia" ???

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Sounded lik she said 'lavora'


It should be work with THE family, otherwise it would be la sua famiglia, surely!!

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