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  5. "Der Platz"

"Der Platz"

Translation:The place

October 21, 2013



What is the difference (if any) between Ort & Platz?


There are differences, it's just not easy to describe...

Ein Ort can mean a small town. It can also mean a geographical location.

Ein Platz can mean a plaza. It can also mean a designated area or a seat, often with a possessive pronoun: "mein Platz" = my seat/ my chair/ my space.


Oh, thanks! I was always a bit alarmed by these. How about Stelle then? As I understand, a lot of places that are Stelle are not really Ort (sounds too epic?), but what about Stelle VS Platz?


Stelle is a very small defined spot. It's where you lost your necklace or where they found the body. You can point to the ground and say "right here, das ist die Stelle". "Platz" would sound too big for this, unless you want to say "das ist der Platz, wo meine Kette immer lag" (That's the spot where my necklace used to be), implying the necklace has a designated spot of it's own.
"Stelle" is also used for "job", like "Ich habe die Stelle in der Verwaltung bekommen" = "I got the job in administration".


And you would never say "fehl am Stelle/Ort", would you?


Hmmm...I think I am getting the meaning...Thanks a lot


The town square is square. = Der Stadtplatz ist quadratisch. :-)


Sheldon's spot. "Das ist meine Stelle" or "das ist mein Platz"?


das ist mein Platz!

A place where you sit is usually a Platz.


I wrote " the place" it shows wrong "the room" is right... why?


Perhaps it was a different exercise? In this one:

der Platz = the place

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