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"How many bottles of wine were bought for the evening?"

Translation:Akşam için kaç şişe şarap alındı?

August 6, 2015



Is this sentence a good candidate for using "alınmış" instead of "alındı"?


It is and I added it :)


If I instead say "kaç şarap şişeyi", how does that change the meaning of the question? (if such a combination can be used in the first place that is..)


It would mean "how many wine bottles" which kind of implies they are empty in both English and Turkish. :)


Thanks, Alex! :D


I'm confused as to why it's not şişe şarabı.


I actually explained it to you some days ago :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10360495 but here it is again:

"şişe" is indicating the amount here. We don't need the genitive suffix then

  • bir kutu çikolata = a box of chocolate
  • kaç kutu çikolata? how many boxes of chocolate?
  • bir kilo un = 1 kg of flour
  • kaç kilo un? How many kgs of flour?
  • bir şişe şarap = a bottle of wine
  • kaç şişe şarap? how many bottles of wine?


Thank you once more for your many extended - and repeated - answers. Very much appreciated!


Is "Şarap şişesi kayboldu" the right way to say, "The wine bottle got lost"?

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