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  5. "Dieser Ski besteht aus Holz."

"Dieser Ski besteht aus Holz."

Translation:This ski is made out of wood.

October 21, 2013



"aus Holz" makes me giggle a bit.


Is the pronunciation of "ski" based on Swedish? Are there any other words in Germany where sk sounds like an sh?


Ski comes to German and English from Scandinavia, not sure which of the 3 languages though. German retained the Swedish/Norwegian/Danish(idk) pronunciation but English pronounces it phonetically (shockingly)


Made of wood or made out of wood. What is the differance?


... while grammatically correct, I think it's more likely someone would talk about both skis in a set rather than just one.


But if you are in a sports store and they show you different skies, they usually only show you one of each set as they explain them to you, so it's not that weird to talk about a single one (in German, at least).


Yea, that makes sense. As an American, I think if someone showed me anything that's supposed to be in a pair then I would talk about the singular item in the plural, even though that's technically wrong. I translated this sentence as "These skis are made of wood" because my mind always thinks of skis as a pair and thus plural. Same thing with gloves, shoes, cigarettes, speakers, etc. If you showed me one, I'd describe it in the plural because I know there are more than the one being shown.


I had a giggle too, but because I pushed the audio button to hear the sentence a second time, but after pushing the speak button. Duolingo marked itself as pronouncing 'ski'incorrectly!!!

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