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Listening tests

Does anyone else have trouble with the French spoken test questions? I listened several times at normal and slow speed and I couldn't tell if she was saying "il mange" or "ils mangent" In the end I guessed and got it wrong. So if a moderator is lurking I would like there to be more context in the question so the listener knows if it single or plural.

May 22, 2012



It isn't possible to hear the difference between "il mange" and "ils mangent". They are pronounced exactly the same (It's not a mistake). Sometimes you can tell the difference with clues from other parts of the sentence, but for the most part there will simply be more than one possible correct answer in that situation. At least there should be. If not, that's a mistake on Duolingo's part.


I have to agree that there should be more context in some of these listening questions. I have gotten a quite few questions wrong now for the same reason.


I agree one either needs more context or BOTH need to be correct.

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