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  5. "Yarınki sunuma çalışıyorum."

"Yarınki sunuma çalışıyorum."

Translation:I am studying for tomorrow's presentation.

August 6, 2015



"...for the presentation that is tomorrow" - shouldn't this be accepted? If not, why not?


It probably should because after all it's not wrong - however, people don't normally talk like that :-)


how would you say... I am studying tomorrows presentation? would the presentation be "of the day" therefore suffıxed? is Yarınki sunuma için çalışıyorum OK?


When you say "studying tomorrow's presentation" are you talking about looking it over carefully? "Yarınki sunum için..." is fine :)


Sorry, but i do not understand the difference between "study smth" and "study for smth" :(


Study without a direct object is just "okumak" "ders çalışmak" vs. I just want a direct object with this meaning, you must say "study for" (I am studying for the test). If you just use a direct object, it means "çok dikkatli araştırmak/bakmak " (I studied the painting). :)


Thx so much Alex.


Just for consistency purposes, I'm pretty sure there's a tip elsewhere that says the ki suffix cannot be used for possessives.


Quite the opposite, actually :-)

Quoting from Tips and Notes:

ki can attach onto the ends of some pronouns to show possession. These are equivalent to words like mine in English.

Regardless, we are not using the "Possessive ki" in this sentence, but rather the "Relative Clause ki". I understand the confusion because this can sometimes be translated into English possessive structure:

yarınki sunum = the presentation that is tomorrow = tomorrow's presentation


Shouldn't it be 'i am preparing for tomorrow's presentation?'


Why is there an a at the end of sunum?


For the meaning of "to study for," çalışmak takes the dative case.


How would you say "I am working on tomorrow's presentation"?

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