Today I logged onto Duolingo and found that my Streak had been removed. I bought a 'streak freeze' so this would not happen, yet it still did. Could anyone inform me of why this happened?

October 21, 2013


I am extremely confused now... My streak is back, did someone fix it?

Edit: Ok, so my streak shows as 6 days, but it says zero days for both Portuguese and Spanish when I hover over it...

Sorry, forgot to reply. I restored your streak because you lost it due to a problem on our end, and I also managed to fix the bug - so thank you for the report!

Note that streak freezes do not apply to language streaks (ie the streak you see when you hover over the flame), which is why you see 0 for Portuguese/Spanish.

It seems that streak freeze only works for your 'strongest' language.

What do you mean?

It only preserves your longest streak. Whichever language you have to longest streak in will be frozen, and the others will go to zero.

The language with my longest streak was reset also.

Also, for some reason the hover resets to zero for some reason. I'm assuming this is a bug, and duo will get to it when they can unfortunately...

I see, hopefully it will be fixed. Thank you for your help. :)

How does the streak work, then? Can you buy a streak freeze days in advance, just in case? Then when you don't log on, it'll automatically use it?

Your welcome! Glad I could help.

Yes! thank you! I work two 12-hour shift days in a row every few days, and i was wanting to preserve my streak for that (sleep) time between two shifts when i literally only shower and sleep!

hmm, try to refresh the page if that doesn't work then are u sure u brought the streak freeze, sometimes I think I buy stuff and I actually don't. maybe its a glitch?

No, I know I bought it. I checked to make sure I had bought it several times. Yesterday, my dad was on the computer alll day; I bought a streak freeze a few days before, knowing this would happen as it does every weekend. I checked it twice Saturday to make sure that I still had it. When I logged on today I was informed that I had 'lost my wager'.

The streak freeze only works for one day. After that, you must gain points the following day, not just sign in and try a lesson. I'm sorry your streak reset :( If you did earn points after missing only one day, you can go to support and ask them to set things right. Good luck!

I know that the streak freeze works for only one day, that is why I checked it so much. However, I did gain points Saturday, 10 I believe. Sunday was the first day that I missed since I started Duo and I was counting on the 'streak freeze' to keep my streak, as I was unable to get online because my dad had the computer literally aaalll day.

:( I would certainly go to support then. I would be so bummed out if I lost my streak.

i'm not sure. maybe try posting in trouble shooting first. with so few staff and over ten million users, you'll probably either have steep competition (aka never hear back) or they prefer folks to go through other channels.

  1. Click on "New Discussion" At the top of that mini window it says "Duolingo" but this is a drop down menu so you can choose to post to a different location. So next, click it and drop it down.

  2. Scroll down to "Trouble Shooting" Ask how to fix what's happening so you can do this option.

  3. And click "Post". Good luck! I hope they are able to help you switch your settings. Make sure to tell them what browser, operating system, and what device you are using. :)

When I click on support it says that I cannot access it should I contact one of the staff?

I had a similar problem - I bought a streak freeze yesterday to preserve my streak and this morning I am back to zero :( There isn't anything you have to do the "activate" the freeze other than buying it, is there?

I didn't have to do anything to activate it - just bought it - why don't you contact admin? I'm sure they'll set you straight :)

my streak went to zero but i can't access anymore lessons, what can i do to get access to lessons?

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